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Teaching About Kinematics
by Jane Bray Nelson & Jim Nelson
Publisher:American Association of Physics Teachers
Number of pages:286 pages
Date published:2009
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Written by Jim and Jane Nelson, Teaching About Kinematics is the latest AAPT/PTRA resource book. Based on physics education research, the book provides teachers with the resources needed to introduce students to some of the fundamental building blocks of physics. It is a carefully thought-out, step-by-step laboratory-based introduction to the foundation of physics. Inquiry, measurement, and analysis of laboratory data are emphasized throughout. This book starts with chapters on the measurement of Time and Space, followed by chapters designed to distinguish among Speed, Velocity, and three types of Acceleration. In addition to dozens of laboratory activities, it provides worksheets, transparency masters, teacher notes, typical answers to questions, and helpful hints by two master PTRAs. Product Code WSP - 14

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