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Used Math for the First Two Years of College
by Clifford E. Swartz
Publisher:American Association of Physics Teachers
Cover:Paper Back
Number of pages:264 pages
Date published:1993
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Used Math by Clifford E. Swartz, is a reference work for the college science instructor or student in search of a quick explanation of the mathematics found in the first two years of the college science curriculum. The book provides numerous examples that are drawn from actual situations encountered in science courses. The book covers a broad range of subjects, including reporting and analyzing uncertainty, units and dimensions, graphs, the simple functions of applied math, statistics, quadratic and high power equations, and simultaneous equations. Other chapters are devoted to determinants, vectors, complex numbers, calculus-differentiation, integration, series and approximations, common differential equations, and differential operators. The book contains many useful reference tables and summaries of formulas and techniques. (264 pp.) Product Code OP - 59

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