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Fizz - Nothing is as it Seems
by Zvi Schreiber
Publisher:Zedess Publishing
Number of pages:484 pages
Date published:2012
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A YOUNG WOMAN'S QUEST TO UNRAVEL THE UNIVERSE The future. In response to environmental degradation, the Eco-community sect eschews science and technology, returning an austere agricultural life of nature-worship. But one young member, Fizz, struggles to reconcile these doctrines with her own burning curiosity. Risking life and social standing, Fizz embarks on a quest that brings her face-to-face with the often-eccentric giants of physics, from Aristotle and Galileo to Einstein and Hawking. One encounter at a time, Fizz pieces together the intricate workings of our universe, while struggling with the resulting intellectual, moral, and personal challenges. Returning as a changed person from her epic quest, Fizz faces the decision that will change her world forever. _______ In the genre of the highly successful Sophie's World, Fizz weaves the bizarre and inspiring history of physics into the touching, dramatic, personal story of a young woman named Fizz who comes of age while voyaging across the centuries. ___________ All proceeds are used to support the Student Fund!

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