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Giving to Physics Education through AAPT
Help us support physics education. From high school to the graduate level, your donation supports programs for students and teachers. Please donate today.
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AAPT Annual Giving Gifts to the AAPT Annual Fund support the everyday operations of AAPT, from inspiring excellence through educational programming to recognizing award winning physics professionals, all critical pieces in supporting the advancement of physics education.
John David Jackson Award This award recognizes excellence in graduate physics education.Read more about this award
Physics Olympiad Fund Your donation will promote academic excellence through preparation for and participation in the International Physics Olympiad by helping U.S. students. Read more about the team
Student Fund Each year AAPT invests in the future of physics education by providing travel scholarships, honoring outstanding Teaching Assistants and funding memberships for gifted high school students.
New Teacher Fund AAPT recognizes the challenges new pre-college physics teachers encounter. This fund provides ementoring services, reduced membership rates for teachers in their first three years of teaching, and workshops for new teachers at our meetings.
Betty Preece SEES Memorial Fund This fund provides 100 minority, low-socioeconomic students with the opportunity to engage in three hours of hands-on science activities.
Klopsteg Award Endowment The Klopsteg Memorial Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the communication of the excitement of contemporary physics to the general public.
Oersted Award Endowment Restricted fund to endow the Oersted Award. The Oersted Medal recognizes those who have had an outstanding, widespread, and lasting impact on the teaching of physics.
Millikan Award Endowment The Robert A Millikan Medal recognizes those who have made outstanding scholarly contributions to physics education.
Richtmyer Memorial Award Endowment The Richtmyer Memorial Award recognizes outstanding contributions to physics and effectively communicating those contributions to physics educators.
Paul W. Zitzewitz Award for Excellence in K-12 Physics Endowed by a generous gift to AAPT from Paul W. and Barbara S. Zitzewitz, The Paul W. Zitzewitz Award for Excellence in K-12 Physics Teaching recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching K-12 physics.
David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award This award is for excellence in undergraduate physics teaching. Read more about this award
Memorial Fund Discretionary fund resulting from donations given in memory of members who are deceased. Funds are used to honor deceased members and help preserve and share their interest(s) in physics education with the greater physics community.
Melba Newell Phillips Medal Endowment Restricted fund to endow the Melba Newell Phillips Medal. The Melba Newell Phillips Medal is presented to an AAPT leader whose creative leadership and dedicated service have resulted in exceptional contributions within AAPT.
Member Sponsorship Discretionary fund that can be used to sponsor a speaker or event at national or section meetings, support participation in professional development workshops. provide travel support for attendance of international visitors at national AAPT meetings.
E. Leonard Jossem International Education Fund Provides grants to individuals in support of international programs dealing with teaching and learning of physics.
High School Physics Photo Contest Fund Provides support for the operation of the High School Physics Photo Contest. Read more about this contest
Hashim A. Yamani Fund Supports the annual award of several two-year Hashim A. Yamani AAPT Memberships to either an undergraduate senior or graduate student planning a career teaching physics.
The Harold Q and Charlotte Mae Fuller Fund This endowment fund was created to enhance the internationalization of AAPT membership and is intended to be beneficial to physics teachers in developing countries with nonconvertible currencies.
Physics Education Research Support Contributions support Physics Education Research activities.
COMPADRE Continuation Fund Funds for the comPADRE Continuation Fund are used to sustain and continue the operation of the comPADRE website.
PTRA Continuation Fund Funds to help continue the work of the PTRA program. Read more about this fund
Physics Bowl Program Fund The Physics Bowl serves approximately 10,000 students and provides recognition for both student and school achievement.
Undergraduate Physics Task Force This task force will provide data on the current status of undergraduate physics and guidelines for enhancing undergraduate physics programs.
Clifford E. Swartz Fund Donations support The Physics Teacher, and help ensure that this journal remains an inspiring professional resource for all who teach introductory physics in our high schools, colleges, and universities.
AAPT-ALPhA Award The AAPT-ALPhA Award will be given to a student (or group of students) majoring in physics, who has built, and possibly developed, an advanced laboratory experiment that becomes part of their school’s advanced laboratory program.
Monroe Scholarship Fund This SPS/AAPT fund recognizes the outstanding academic and leadership accomplishments of physics majors who began their studies at a regionally accredited community college and who intend to pursue a career in physics education.
Duncan McBride PER Travel Scholarship Summer Meeting travel scholarship for graduate students, postdocs, two-year college faculty, and/or those transitioning into PER.