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Two Year College Day

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AAPT has prepared a special Two Year College Day on Tuesday, July 31 for TYC faculty who have never attended a national AAPT Meeting. Registrants will be able to receive a discounted one day registration fee of $85. This fee is much less than the usual early bird one-day registration fee of $260 for AAPT members and $485 for non-members. We are offering this special registration fee because we want you to be a part of the rich conversations on physics teaching and education with colleagues from High Schools, other TYCs, and Colleges and Universities from around the world. AAPT benefits from the diverse experience and expertise of its members and we want to provide this opportunity for you to sample all that AAPT has to offer. 

Here is a sample of what will be happening on TYC Day!tyc day photo 2

  • Join colleagues from TYCs around the country to discuss physics education and learn more about AAPT.
  • Attend plenary talks by leaders in the fields of science!  
  • Attend sessions sponsored by the Committee on Physics In Two Year Colleges that are specifically geared to the interests of TYC faculty. 
  • Visit the AAPT Exhibit hall and learn about new products in Physics Education, the latest lab and demo equipment and new textbooks, professional societies, journals dedicated to physics and physics education, and much more! 
  • Attend the Committee on Physics in Two Year Colleges and hear about future plans for AAPT meetings and think about whether you want get involved in future leadership roles in AAPT!
  • Meet new people, develop professional connections with others who share similar interests and values and are working toward providing excellent physical science education for all students! 

… and there's more! The Summer meeting goes from Sunday to Wednesday.

If you want to attend more of the summer meeting you can also check out interactive Workshops on Saturday and Sunday. To register for more than the TYC Day visit, please click here.


A $30 processing fee will be applied to all cancellations.



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